Window Smooches, Sales exhibtion
25.02.2021 - 07.03.2021

Miriam Steinmacher, Lennart Schweigert, Annika Grabold, Nicholas Stewens, Viktor Krautwig, Barbara Wonner, Joëlle Pidoux, Ilayda Dagli, Isabell Hofmann, Leonard Stephan, Dominika Bednarsky, Asli Özdemir, Evelyn Roh, Ardesia Calderan, Isabell Hofmann, Leah Pabst, Sonja Herrmann, Nassim L’Ghoul, Robert Schittko, Svetlana Mijic, Johannah West, Franziska Kronmüller, Joschua Arnaut, Ron Wohler, Maxine Schulmeyer, Nola Fischer, Anna Penn, Lene Hofmann, Anna Penn, Gero Stoll, Nani Lee, Diane Häfner, Sara Mosco, Isabell Benz, Daewoong Kim, Isabell Ratzinger, Severine Henriette Meier, Lea Klemisch, Anna Hofmann, Jakob Francisco, Carla Vollmers, Svetlana Mijić, Lisa Nürnberger, EGOZEN COLLECTIVE, Deborah Nerlich, Cemile Deniz Alibaş, Claudio Roig and Maike Dorn

A "smooch" is a juicy kiss. A loving gesture. Not only did we have to significantly limit these acts of tenderness, but cultural exchanges had to be restricted in almost all of their physical forms last year. The pandemic hindered the visibility and financial prospects of young artists and limited them in their formative experiences of making and presenting their work to the public. Through an open call, works by over 50 young artists have come together.  Due to the circumstances, the sales show aims to distribute the works as locally and transparently as possible. The use of "eBay Kleinanzeigen" as an online pop up store is a democratic and de-romanticizing choice, as it is the most popular platform for online classifieds and is financed solely by advertisements.Simultaneously, the works could also be seen at Magma Maria.  Only from the outside though. The artworks were leaned against the room's tall windows with long wooden slats. Held up only by pressure and their own weight, they could be said to kiss this transparent barrier to the outside. The sales exhibition "Window Smooches" is small loving nod to the artists and the people passing by. 

Organized by Jakob Francisco, Lena Stewens and Malte Möller
Text by Lena Stewens
Photos by Photos by Jakob Otter

©Magma Maria 2022