Super Hall, Group exhibition
23.07.2021 - 08.08.2021

Federica Francesconi, Francesco De Prezzo, Valérian Goalec and Nicola Lorini

Dance hall, dance all, dense hole.
It is quiet for now, the neon lights are on since this morning, making every corner of the room visible and miserable.
The cash desk hasn’t been emptied yet, it is still full of expectations.
Some cigarettes buts sticked to the floor, it used to be white and clean before, five lefts to burn in the  package: soft gold.
Expectations matched.
Good vibes, bad vibes, good vibes, bad vibes.
I was not in the mood in the end, I am actually struggling to relax lately.
You know, sometimes history makes me feel better but, most of time, it makes me feel worst. While queuing last night a girl told me about the first archeological evidence of dance: a 9000 years old  painting in a rock shelter at Bhimbetka, she said, it literally means “Bhim‘s lounge”. I don’t find it difficult to  visualise, gods have friends too.
Medieval carols were a bit more stiff.
The manual says: steps occurs on counts 1, 2, 3, 4. Stand with your feet naturally apart. Lower your left  heel, keeping your right raised. Lift your left heel, and lower your right heel.
The room should be emptied by any object and furniture but, if you don’t have many guests, some chairs,  tables and dinner plates might function as reference points, making the movements easier. The architecture has been provided with specific features: No light in, no sound out. Perimeters are blurred  and there is where you feel safe.

Accompanied by Lena Stewens, Marina Köstel and Malte Möller
Text by Nicola Lorini
Photos by Jakob Otter and Valérian Goalec

©Magma Maria 2022