Sun Dogs or  Mock Suns
29.07.2022 - 20.08.2022

Emily Dietrich, Kurt Fritsche, Joshua Gottmanns, Paul Müller, Ella Pechechian and Lena Marie Schütte

Sliding ice cubes across tables of local cafés with our pinky fingers. Hot days as mental markers on wrinkled timelines. Which droplet on your sweaty upper lip did you bet on? All in. All in one season. Walking barefoot on burnt grass. Your friends now understand themselves in outside activities. Shut Blinders. Evolved cooling strategies. Show and Tell with debris of conversation pieces neatly lined up at the shoreline. Concerns merge like your skin with the vinyl backseat during car rides. Plastic playgrounds as personal hell. The first sting. Liquid roads. Drowsy conscience on staycation. Brain freeze. Where do you hide when Atmospheres discharge? I think it’s safe to say that only sometimes some things have to do with nothing else. But what exactly did you think would happen at your staredown with the  sun?

Curated by Marina Köstel, Jakob Francisco, Malte Möller, Johannes Schwalm and Lena Stewens
Text by Lena Stewens
Special thanks to Dieter Fritzsche from F. + H. Siebdruck GmbH F..

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