Rough House I, Group exhibtion
21.08.2021 - 04.09.2021

Merve Ceylan, Jones Hall, Mahya Ketabchi, Joëlle Pidoux, Ildikó Schwab, Michael Schmidtmann, Simon Shim Sutcliff and Alex Thake

A person enters many spaces throughout a lifespan. Familiar places, educational or idealistic ones. Spaces of thought and spaces marked by barriers. Given the idea that the human being can only exist in relation to another, spaces are the realm in which identities are shaped, memories collectively stored and ideological theories formed.

The group show combines positions that deal with these constructed sentiments in an emotional, political or religious way. Oftentimes these boarders are so closely intertwined, taking the idea of space way beyond its architectural walls.

In order to build new realms, you have to deconstruct the old ones. But on a lighter note, isn't it more fun to view it as a form of social roughhousing?

Curated by Jones Hall, Ildikó Schwab and Lena Stewens
Text by Lena Stewens
Photos by Pauline Schey and Michael Schmidtmann

©Magma Maria 2022