28.10. 2023 – 11.11.2023

Luzía Cruz, Malin Dorn, Maximilian Glas, Klara Kirsch, Jáno Möckel, Rodrigo Rosa, Anna Stüdeli, Akinori Tao

Structured by the idea of 'tour' - a journey for business or pleasure - the tourism industry has grown massively in the last century, sustained by a well-spread logic of commodification of pleasure. As free time slowly turned into a product, products such as resorts started to emerge. Offering anything from unlimited food, drinks and activities ranging from scuba diving to sex or safaris for a fixed price, preferably somewhere sunny, these spaces stand as all-inclusive, autonomous islands, the ultimate product of the leisure industry.

And yet, like with any other industry, this comes at a cost. As an economic activity based on using material resources in order to fulfill immaterial needs, tourism is to a certain degree a phenomenon of evaporation, a big stream vanishing in space as water leaves (or overfills) the ground. Thus a couple of questions may be asked. For instance, to what extent is tourism following the same principles of overproduction of other industries? Are ecosystems absorbed as a sub-product, an exquisite version of experience? Should this hyper-version of experience be seen as a reflection of the promise of a hyper-version of oneself?

Focusing on the threshold of leisure andconsumption, the aim of "RESORT" is to capture and mirror the tension between these issues in space.The exhibition thus works as a form of material survey, presenting a multitude of artistic positions navigating the relation between waste and desire.

Curated by Guilherme Vilhena Martins
Photos by Jakob Otter
©Magma Maria 2022