Pocket Crumbs

AdO/Aptive (Janina Weißengruber & Daniel Hüttler), Nouria Behloul, Linus Berg, Jana Dormann, Nola Fischer, Tamara Goehringer, Raha Golestani, Yeshin Lee, Julius Schwarzwälder, Catharina Szonn and Dafni Tokas

The publication „Pocket Crumbs“ was released with the exhibition of „Loops and Breakthroughs“. Writers and artists „were invited to engage with Ursula K. Le Guin’s (1929 - 2018) approach to story-telling. The science fiction author prefers fundamentally unheroic story-telling and presents feminist alternatives to the linear, violent narratives that dominate western thinking.“ -Marlene Coates

Proof reading by Paula Maß and Vivien C. Kämpf
Concept by Paula Heinrich, Marina Köstel and Evelyn Roh
Graphic design by Paula Heinrich

Photos by Jakob Otter

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