Bubble Bath
22.09. 2023 – 08.10.2023

Cassidy van Acker, Nova A. Bill, Daniel Chelmiński, Key Chroma, Yohn Doe, Dangerous Ideas, Valérie des Esseintes, Georges, Arwin Goldbaum, Hermess, Rosa Herz, Iridium_9555, Jongdon, Nicole Kindermann, Lily Larkin, Mikhri Melsovna, Philip Morris, Donald Ronaldo, Alicul Sánchez, Dewy Shalloon, Maria Georg Smithee, Dave J. Sterhling, syp.biz, Herr W., Sally West and C.T. Valve

In a world where identities are often constructed by names, locations, and genders, there are multiple reasons for the use of a pseudonym, an alter ego. Whether it be an identity shift, a shelter, artistic or political statement, pseudonyms allow individuals to navigate societal constraints and create spaces where they can embrace their expression.

First and foremost the group show started as a playful invitation, not giving more instructions than asking people to let themselves show a work they usually wouldn‘t present, something detached from their established practice. At the same time, more subtly, with this concept we are winking at the art world. It seems that the relationship between an artist‘s persona and their work is magnified, sometimes to the point where it feels forced upon the creator.

Throughout the process of realizing the show, reading through the proposals and talking to the artists we witnessed a multiple of different approaches and motivations behind working under a pseudonym, taking the concept and making it their own. Some artists created entire personas through which they viewed the world and hence worked. Some artists allowed this to show a piece that they already produced yet just haven’t found a context that seemed fitting. Some artists used this space to propose a work they said was a little too personal under the usual circumstances. For some artists creating work under a pseudonym was their long awaited personal permission to try out an entirely new medium. Often the motivation was to experiment light heartedly, and often it was to express freely.

Not only did the artwork created under pseudonyms bear unique identities, but the pseudonyms themselves took on lives of their own. Some pseudonyms seamlessly fit into the conceptual framework of the art, while others were shaped by a multitude of influences, becoming distinct entities in their own right.

Under the show “Bubble Bath“ a variety of approaches are assembled deconstructing and constructing the idea of an artist‘s identity.

Curated by Jakob Francisco and Lena Stewens
Photos by Jakob Otter
©Magma Maria 2022