Am Wegesrand gehen, die Uhr tickt
04.05.2023 – 07.05.2023

Numerous books of numerous artists and authors

We move between axes of orientation, always along the coordinates of time and space. At the border of the path, at the border of the field. In an in-between space.
Making books is like walking along the wayside. Books in art are like walking by the wayside. Books are an in-between place, a territory that is always somehow off the beaten path.
In this exhibition [...] what has emerged is what in English is called desire Lines. Collectively desired paths.

Thank you to all the artists and authors involved in this exhibitio. And thank you to HfG Offenbach, Klingspor Museum, Haus der Stadtgeschichte - Offenbach, Offenbach Kultur for the kind support.

Concept by Paula Schneider, Felix Hofmann-Wissner, Malte Möller and Lena Stewens
Text by Paula Schneider

Photos by Lea Kulens

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